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About Brigh Future:

Founded: 2020 

Job Summary:

Bright Future Afghanistan’s Job Readiness Training and Employment Program provides University graduates with essential job readiness training, mentoring and access to a network of private sector companies and public-sector agencies, who can assist program participants with securing meaningful employment.

The Job Readiness Training & Employment Program is currently accepting applications from two-year and four-year University graduates who are majoring in the following subjects:

·Business Administration


·Customer Service

·General Administration

·Human Resources

·Project Management

·Labor Law

How The Program is Organized:

Part I: Training and Instruction:

Having in mind the Covid-19 threatening situation, the program is determined to manage and execute its programs to a maximum level via online & include offline methods of instructions. Basically, each participant in the program will receive up to 80 hours of training in the subjects of Job Skills Development, Market Trends, Pre and Post-Employment Readiness and Labor Law. Each training sessions will consist of one three-hour class. Class sessions will be conducted five/six days per week.

Part II: Internship Placement:

Internships are assigned to program participants at the completion of the 80-hour training period. Thus, the internship is typically completed possibly within 2 weeks of internship plan for each job seeker that will be assigned to them as the part of their training and coaching program. In many cases, after the completion of the Internship period, Employers may provide Interns with a formal offer of employment.

The participants interested to join the program will be possibly provided with a 2 weeks internship programme at:

–         Bayat Foundation, Afghan Wireless Communication Company, Ariana Television, Bayat Media Center, Bayat Power, AWCC Mobile Money

–         Small and Medium Enterprises that work with Bright Future

Partner organizations related to the organizations that implement Bright Future programme that may include NGOs, Private Companies and Affiliated Organizations

Duties & Responsibilities:

Bright Future Afghanistan does not provide compensation or stipends to participants in the Job Readiness Training and Employment/Internship Programme. Some companies, at their discretion, may provide compensation or a stipend to their Interns.

The trainings will be through a central venue or location in Kabul to make it very much convenient for the majority of beneficiary. However, due to the pandemic situation the training will mostly be online and remote but might include a partial attendance at program training center. We take due care against the COVID-19 disease at our training facility.

The tentative start date of the Bright Future Afghanistan’s Job Readiness Training and Internship Program is August 01-September 15-2020.

Training Details

Date Posted: June 29, 2020


Closing Date: July 13, 2020

Training Shifts : 6-Days/Week – Morning 9 am to 12 pm / Evening 1 pm to 4 pm (Online & Offline Methods)

Number of Opportunities: 150

Gender: Female & Male

Functional Area:


·Business Administration


·Customer Service

·General Administration

·Human Resources

·Project Management

·Labor Law

Years of Experience: Not Required – Fresh University Graduates are encouraged to apply.

Nationality : Afghans, Living in Kabul (only)

Education: 2 and 4 Years Bachelor Graduates or above.

Age: 18 to 35

Contract Duration: 2 Months


Contract type: (as defined above)

Job Requirement:

Participants meeting the following criteria will be selected for the program:

1.         Women ages 18 to 35 years

2.         University Degree from any universities in Afghanistan or abroad, 2 & 4 years graduates or above (Business Administration, General Management, Sales, Marketing, HR, Communication, Customer Services and, Project Management)

3.         We are looking forward to support the youth that do not have formal work experience

4.         Applicants should be residents of Kabul city (living in Kabul)

5.         Applicants should not have any on-going educational or working programme during the day, in order to be able to complete the trainings and accept internship offers

6.         Applicants should be able to have access to the internet and be familiar with the Basic Ms office programs applications and browsing internet and the social media to a working level.


Location of the Training Venue

The campus is not yet decided but we are looking forward to a venue in a commercial and central area to make it feasible, convenient and easy for the majority to attend.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul

Submission Guideline:

Interested Qualified Females & Males are invited to apply for the opportunity by clicking on the link below for registration/application.

(or using our direct online form link

For more information on “A Bright Future of Afghanistan” programme, please visit our official website

Please also find about our events and stories on social Medial

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