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About ATRA:

Afghanistan Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (ATRA) is the independent regulator of the telecom sector. It
is responsible for implementing the Telecommunications Sector Policy and enforcing the provisions of the Telecom
Law. ATRA strives to create an enabling environment for the private sector to invest in developing telecom and
Internet infrastructure and services. ATRA aims to achieve an enabling private sector-backed telecom market and
services in Afghanistan through creating and enforcing regulations, applying standards, providing universal access to
the services, regulating the market, overseeing, and fostering competition in the telecom market– all in a nondiscriminatory
and transparent manner. ATRA works closely with its stakeholders, the private sector, government
entities and end-users and telecom services recipients to improve the level playing field in the telecom and Internet
domains in Afghanistan.

Job Description:

● Establish the needs of users and monitor user access and security
● Monitor performance and manage parameters in order to provide fast responses to front-end users
● Map out the conceptual design for a planned database
● Consider both back-end organization of data and front-end accessibility for end-users
● Refine the logical design so that it can be translated into a specific data model
● Further refining the physical design to meet system storage requirements
● Install and test new versions of the database management system (DBMS)
● Maintain data standards, including adherence to the Data Protection Act
● Write database documentation, including data standards, procedures and definitions for the data dictionary
● Control access permissions and privileges
● Develop, manage and test back-up and recovery plans
● Ensure that storage and archiving procedures are functioning correctly
● Provide technical expertise and recommendations in assessing new initiatives to support and enhance the
● High-speed querying
● Proposing design changes and suggestions to processes and products
● Any other task assigned by Line manager

Job Requirements:

● Minimum Bachelor’s degree, Master’s preferred, in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Systems
Development, Information Technology or another relevant field.
● 5 Years of relevant professional work experience with a bachelor’s degree and 2 years with Master’s
● Professional language proficiency in Pashto and Dari, as well as in English
● Hand on Experience in Databases such as Mango DB, MySQL, MS SQL Server
● Familiarity with big data tools Hadoop/Hive, Kafka, Spark
● Familiarity with Mango DB querying with any known language (Python, Java, JavaScript, C/C++,
● Time management and prioritization skills
● Excellent critical thinking, decision making and negotiation skills
● Creativity is always a plus
● The desire to work in fast-paced environment

Submission Guideline:

● All applications (CVs and cover letters) should be submitted via email to:
Please, clearly indicate on the subject line the title of the position. Applications received after the closing date
will not be considered.
● The deadline for submission of application is: November 03, 2020

Submission Email:

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