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About children in Crisis (CiC):

Children in Crisis began working in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 1997 and since then has worked consistently within Kabul and across Afghanistan’s provinces to improve access to quality education for the most marginalized children, to guarantee that children in conflict with the law have their legal rights protected and afforded to them, to increase the participation of women and girls in all areas of public and private life, and to remove disability as a barrier to inclusion in all areas of child’s life.

Under the project ‘protecting Afghan children during COVID-19 pandemic Children in Crisis (CIC) provide support services to vulnerable children Specifically, the project supports the delivery of child protection and psychosocial support for the children at Hera, Balk, Kunduz and Badakhshan  To build the capacity of children during COVID19- pandemic.

Job Description:

The Social Worker will be required to prepare weekly plans for their activities that will clearly lay out what he/she wishes to implement in the following week.  This plan will be submitted to the project manager on the last day of every week.

The Social Worker will ensure that all activities are implemented according to the weekly plan and in line with the project objectives. On the last day of each week, the Social Worker will submit a brief report to the Project Manager on the implementation of the planned activities, problems encountered solutions to the problems, and other relevant information from the activities.


To carry out duties entrusted to him/her impartially and in accordance with the best professional practices.
To maintain complete independence in relation to all individuals, organizations, and government bodies.
To observe strict neutrality regarding views and opinions, particularly in the field of politics, religion, and ethnicity.
To respect all laws and regulations are enforced in Afghanistan.
To respect all confidential information and not use it for personal profit or for the profit of a third party while executing the present contract.
To report any fraud, abuse, or neglect related to a CiC project or activity to the Programme Manager and/or Programme Director IN WRITING.

To assist in any other areas as identified by the CIC Management team (Country Director and Programme and Technical Manager).

Responsible for communication with communities, protection risk observation, and monitoring, awareness-raising based on CiC’s case management protocols. CiC will coach social workers to conduct case management and awareness-raising with communities. Report to the Project Manager and protection specialist and is subject to regular performance appraisal as per the staff handbook.

Job Requirements:

To further develop good working relationships with specified communities, management staff, government departments (juvenile rehabilitation center and women prison, CPAN members, community leaders, parents, and vulnerable children.
Responsible for protection risks observation and monitoring, awareness-raising based on CiC’s case management protocols.
To conduct case management and awareness-raising with communities.
To collect data, statistics, and information requested by the Project Manager.
Report to the Project Manager and protection specialist on a daily and weekly basis.
Responding to child protection issues

Keep records of any visits, phone calls, or emails received from other project staff and community workers requesting support.
Attend at all meetings arranged by the Project Manager.

Ensure that all activities are implemented according to the activity plan and in line with the project objectives.
Facilitate workshops, meetings, and any other programs according to the need of the project.

A university degree in law, political science or Social work or relevant department
At least 3-year experience working with children and child protection section with NGOs, UN or Government Agency
Experience working at a community level with children and families
Experience of coaching or mentoring
Patience, commitment and an ability to work in difficult circumstances
Able to demonstrate initiative
Knowledge and belief in child rights
Excellent communication skills
Ability to use computers: Microsoft office

CiC’s approach to working with children:

All CiC’s work is informed by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) as ratified by the Afghan government in 1994, by our Child Protection Policy (CPP) and Juvenile Code.  CiC as an organization commits itself to support staff to be able to implement the Child Protection Policy.  To this end, CiC will provide training for new staff and refresher training for long term CiC staff members.  CiC has nominated three staff members as Child Protection Officers.  Any allegations of child abuse, within CiC centers or outside, must be referred to these Child Protection Officers.

Staff who, in the centers, are suspected of or alleged to:

hit or beat children,
use bad language, threaten or bully children
sexually abuse children

will be suspended and an investigation carried out.  Disciplinary measures will be taken depending on the outcome of the investigation.

N.B.  In the event of gross misconduct being substantiated the staff member will be fired immediately and will forfeit their rights to any severance pay.

Submission Guideline:

Interested applicants, please submit their applications along with their CV to the E-mail Address,

Submission Email:

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