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National & International Advisor Recruitment Unit Ministry of Economy (MOEC) of the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan seeks to hire a qualified individual consultant to provide consultancy services in the required fields and work closely with relevant directorates and departments and provide a detail report of day to day activities directly to Ministry of Information & Cultural.

Job Description:

1. Provide specific plans and programs to increase the capacity of young people and empower the in all areas. 2. Creating and developing an efficient mechanism to provide constructive plans to improve the cultural and artistic situation of the country. 3. Plan and arrange programs to expand youth activities in various fields of art culture, Media at the center and provincial levels. 4. Plan and arrange project proposals to receive funding for donors and partner institutions of the Ministry of Information and Culture. 5. Analysis and tools of professional opinion on import national cultural and artistic issues of the media in order to pave the way for creating a national consensus for the development of culture and art discussion on various issues.. 6. Study and analysis of the status of cultural and artistic heritage as well as the media at eh provincial level for accurate planning according to their needs. 7. Establish and develop a clear mechanism to systematically address the problems of young artists and arise young artist nationally and internationally. 8. Provide specific plans in various matters to improve the situation of artist through the art council for the better organization of cultural and artistic policies in the country 9. Study and analysis of technical documents and proposals as well as identification and periodization of programs according to the needs of cultural and artistic programs. 10. Providing advice on the design and arrangement of cooperation protocols with domestic and foreign institutions in the fields of culture, art, media and education for the purpose of the contract. 11. Provide useful and useful ideas for holding conferences, seminars, and national discourse of cultural figures, artists and journalists, as well as attracting donors working in the cultural and artistic sectors. Management Duties: 12. Planning and arranging monthly, quarterly, annual work plans in accordance with the goals and strategic plans of the Ministry. 13. Monitoring and evaluation of cultural, artistic and media activities and programs at the center and zones. 14. Provide advice and cooperation in organizing circles and gatherings in order to expand interstate activities of artist’s journalists. Coordination Tasks: 15. Establish coordination and communication with government department and international institutions on issues related to culture, art, and media for greater effectiveness and effectiveness of work programs and plans 16. Provide communication and coordination with donors and partner institutions to finance and develop the ministry programs 17. Collaborate in developing and promoting training programs for artist, journalist, and staff, especially the Department of Youth Affairs, in coordination with relevant institutions. 18. Participate in administrative meetings of the Ministry to provide effective and efficient advice in various areas of finance. 19. Perform other duties assigned by the competent authorities in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and objectives.

Job Requirements:

• Bachelor degree in relevant field, master degree in preferred. • At least 3 to 5 years relevant experience in international or governmental organizations. • Proper knowledge and experience in making strategy and policy. • Analysis and evaluation skills in financial, cultural, arts, publications, and tourism affairs. • Working knowledge of national and English languages. • Computer literacy (windows/MS Office) and internet. • Excellent knowledge of administrative and financial issues.

Submission Guideline:

INTERESTED AND ELIGIBLE CANDIDATES must attach their resumes and copies of their legal academic certificates, employment records, description of similar assignments, and experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills, previous remuneration, indicating and proving that they are qualified to perform the services. Submission of application: Interested individual applicants may submit their Document whether in soft or hard copy along with the copy of their academic certificates mentioning the vacancy reference number in subject line to the below email address: “Not later than” 26/Sep/2020. The hard copy of the applications can be delivered to the address. Address: National & International Advisors Recruitment Unit, 5th Floor, Ministry of Economy, Note: Only those candidates will be called for interview who meets the qualification and requirements for the mentioned post.

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