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About Pashtany Bank:

Pashtany Bank was established in 1333 (1954 CE) during King Mohammad Zaher Shah regime with an initial investment of AFG 120 million. Mr. Janat Khan Gharwal was appointed as the first president.

Pashtany Bank is a State Owned bank and is registered with the Central Bank (Da-Afghanistan Bank) under the commercial banking license to operate nationwide. The Bank has been operating as one of the leading commercial banking service provider in Afghanistan.

In 2007, during the regime of Hamid Karzai, the name of Pashtany tejaraty bank was changed to Pashtany bank at the instance of Mr. Hayatullah Dayani the CEO of Pashtany bank.

The Human Resources Department wishes to announce that we have vacancy for the following position with minimum requirement.

Job Summary:

The primary function of the Committee is to assist the Board in fulfilling its risk management responsibilities as defined by Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) and applicable laws and regulations as well as the Bank’s Memorandum & Articles of Association.

Skills Required:

Risk Management

Requires travel to provinces:


Skills Description:

Duties & Responsibilities:

Risk strategy and Delegation of Authority

1. The Committee shall review and recommend to Board for approving:

o The Bank’s present and future risk strategy and monitor the Senior Management in the implementation of this strategy.

o The Bank’s risk profile, risk strategy and risk control framework on an annual basis.

o Delegation of Authority across all management level committees of the Bank.

o The Bank’s risk management structure, roles, responsibilities and methodologies developed by the Executive Management prior to the Board’s approval.

2. Review and approve the management level committees’ charter including its structure, roles, responsibilities, functioning etc.

3. Approve the risk governance framework including credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk, operational risk, other Pillar II risks and compliance management framework including the nature of the risks which could be experienced by the Bank through its branches and subsidiaries if any; and

4. The committee shall also ensure that the bank’s overall risk governance framework is compliant with the relevant DAB regulations and international best practices including Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.

Risk Appetite and Risk Reporting

1. Review and recommend to Board, the Bank’s risk appetite framework and overall risk appetite of the Bank;

2. Review the risk reporting structure of the Bank and ensure the same is continually updated by Risk Management Division;

3. Review reports on any material breaches of the risk limits and the adequacy of the proposed action;

4. Review and periodically appraise the Board on the risk profile of the Bank within the context of risk appetite i.e. whether the risk profile is within the risk appetite/tolerance level, as approved by the Board;

5. Review the regulatory and public prudential disclosures made on Bank’s risk profile in the periodic and annual reports; and

6. Review the existence of effective management information systems for risk reporting and decision making that is in accordance with the scope, complexity and nature of the Bank’s activities.

Capital Planning, Liquidity & Funding

1. Oversight of the implementation of the DAB’s Capital Adequacy Instructions. In doing so the Committee will review and recommend to Board for approval: The regulatory capital and projected capital; The outcome of the bank wide stress testing and internal capital assessment; The management actions put forth for improving the Capital Adequacy Ratio of the bank.

2. Review and approve the limits on lending and investment exposures to avoid concentration of risk and ensure that the Bank holds adequate capital against these exposures;

3. Review that the Bank’s level and quality of capital and liquidity in line with the risks inherent in its activities and oversee the identification, management and reporting of risks inherent in the Bank’s operations;

4. Review any new capital adequacy guidelines issued by DAB and oversee full implementation of the same in a timely manner.

5. Review and evaluate the bank’s proposed policies, strategies, limits and procedures for risk management, and make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors regarding their approval.

6. Assist the Board of Supervisors to ensure that the bank’s risk management program is conducted in accordance with the policies, strategies and limits approved by the Board of Supervisors and with relevant laws and regulations of Da Afghanistan Bank.

7. Ensure that bank’s risk management policies, strategies and limits are appropriate for the bank’s business strategy as approved by the Board of Supervisors.

8. Periodically review the bank’s risk management policies, strategies and limits, and recommend to the Board of Supervisors any changes that the Committee deems necessary.

9. Monitor the implementation of those policies, strategies and limits through receipt of reports from senior management and/or the bank’s risk management function.

10. Submit reports to Board of Supervisors on the effectiveness of the bank’s risk management process.

11. Should oversee that management has in place processes to promote the bank’s adherence to the approved risk policies.

12. The committee’s work includes oversight of the strategies for capital and liquidity management as well as for all relevant risks of the bank, such as credit, market, operational and reputational risks, to ensure they are consistent with the stated risk appetite.

13. The committee should have effective communication and coordination between the audit committee and the risk committee to facilitate the exchange of information and effective coverage of all risks, including emerging risks, and any needed adjustments to the risk governance framework of the bank.

14. Perform other tasks assigned to it by the Board of Supervisors relative to the bank’s risk management program.

15. The risk management Committee should review the bank’s Risk policies at least annually.

16. Should discuss all risk strategies on both an aggregated basis and by type of risk and make recommendations to the board thereon, and on the risk appetite.

17. The risk committee of the board is responsible for advising the board on the bank’s overall current and future risk appetite, overseeing senior management’s implementation of the RAS, reporting on the state of risk culture in the bank, and interacting with and overseeing the CRO.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul


 Master’s degree in Economics, Business Administration and Related faculties from a recognized university.


 Minimum 5+ years in the banking sector.

 Knowledge and experience of risk management is preferred

Behavioral Skills:

 Demonstrates leadership and involvement in the community.

 Willing and able to commit time to leadership of the organization.

 Ability to communicate, listen and seek others’ input.

Job Keywords:

to be competent

Submission Guideline:

The subject of E-mail should clearly indicate: Vacancy Number and position title other wise it will be not consider. Candidates can bring the copy of their CV to HR unit of Pashtany Bank and can apply online.

Please send your CV along with Cover letter.

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for the interview.

Pashtany Bank Believes on Equal Employment Opportunities.

Address: Pole Baghe-Omome Next to Ministry of Communication.



PB 38/2019

Submission Email:


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