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About GIZ-Afghanistan:

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is federal enterprise that supports the German Government in achieving its objectives in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development. GIZ operates in more than 130 countries worldwide and has more than 17,000 staff members around the globe, some 70% of whom are employed locally as national personnel.

Under a commission from the German Foreign Office (AA), GIZ is assisting Afghanistan to improve stability and security by supporting the Afghan National Police (ANP). The aim is to promote a more citizen-oriented and professional police force and strengthen individual and organisational capacities. As part of police reforms initiated in Afghanistan, GIZ has been conducting joint measures with its partners in the area of community policing (CP) for some years now. Activities at provincial and district level support the ANP in its plan to implement CP by contributing to trust-building between police and the population.

A necessary precondition for building trust is that both parties, people and police reach out and talk to each other. Concerning the interaction between the female population and the police, the Family Response Units (FRUs) play an important role.

Subordinated to the MoIA Criminal Investigation Department, the FRUs serve as the police’s contact point for victims of domestic or gender-based violence (DV/GBV) and lead the investigation of related criminal cases as generally stipulated in Article 134 of the Afghan constitution.

The first FRU was established in 2006 by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Kabul. FRUs are tasked with the implementation of relevant laws and regulations, the development of gender-sensitive investigation techniques, the support and provision of safety for victims and its dependants and the promotion of female police recruits. By now, there are more than 200 FRUs established across Afghanistan. Despite all efforts by the Afghan government as well as international organisations and others, the FRUs still require support, amongst others in capacity-building for its staff. For this reason, GIZ-CPA in coordination with the MoIA FRU Department will organise a tailor-made training series for FRU officers.



Job Description:

The overall objective of this assignment is the development of a tailor-made training series for FRU staff to strengthen their capacities in the relevant areas as well as the delivery of a training-for-trainers session.

Starting with a comprehensive desk review, the consultant is expected to collect, review and analyse the existing training material for FRU staff to determine the needs. This includes meetings with officials in the MoIA FRU Department and other relevant institutions as well as with other international organisations and NGOs working in this field. Based on the analysis and the results, the consultant shall design and draft a training concept including a curriculum and corresponding training materials (manual, training presentations, hand-outs and other necessary material) in close cooperation with the MoIA FRU Department and GIZ-CPA team.

After the approval of the training concept (training curriculum, training presentations, hand-outs, Pre and Post-tests ) and all related materials by GIZ-CPA and the MoIA FRU Department, the consultant will finalise the assignment with preparing and conducting a 6-days training for trainers who subsequently will be sent to various regions for the delivery of the FRU training.

The training should include, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Organisational set-up of FRUs and positioning within the police/MoIA
  • Role, tasks and duties of FRUs
  • Relevant legislation (EVAW law, anti-torture law, penal code, criminal procedure code, etc.)
  • Processes of the cases considering the relevant legislation and procedures
  • Necessary soft skills
  • Practical sessions including scenarios, group work, role plays

The training concept should consist of two main elements: A comprehensive manual as well as a training curriculum that is taught in a highly interactive manner following a very participatory training methodology including methods such as, but not limited to, joint brainstorming sessions, group work with presentations, group discussions, role plays and individual work.

  1. Objective of the short-term Consultancy:

The objectives of the assignment are to:

a.     Conduct a desk review and on the existing training materials for FRU staff

b.     Draft a training concept including a curriculum and corresponding training materials (manuals, training presentations, hand-outs, Pre and Post Tests and other necessary material) in close cooperation with the MoIA FRU Department

Conduct a 3-days training-of-trainers (ToT) session to ensure the quality of the subsequent trainings

  2. Reporting and Deliverable

  1. Conducting desk review of the existing FRUs Training materials in 4 working days, Report on the desk review results drafted and shared with GIZ-CPA
  2. Drafting a curriculum and corresponding training materials (manuals, training presentations, hand-outs and other necessary material) in close cooperation with the MoIA FRU Department in 20 working days,Training manual drafted and shared with GIZ-CPA and the MoIA FRU Department
  3. Modifications if requested by FRU-MoIA or GIZ-CPA team, approval of curriculum developed by the MoIA FRU department in 7 working days,The curriculum is modified according to the request, and approved by the MoIA-FRU department
  4. Delivery of a 3-days training-to-trainers on the training curriculum in 3 working days, A 6 days ToT is conducted
  5. Submission of final report in working days, Final report is submitted and approved by the CPA team

Job Requirements:

The consultant should have the following qualifications, skills and experience:

Qualification and Skill:

  •    University degree in Law or related discipline
  •    Excellent English drafting skills
  •    Fluent in Dari & Pashto
  •    Excellent analytical skills
  •    Good computer skills (MS Office including Word, Excel and PPT)
  • General Professional Experience:
  •    At least 10 years of working experience
  •    At least 2 years of experience working with international organizations or NGOs
  • Specific Professional Experience:
  •    Experience in curriculum development
  •    Educational experience (worked as a trainer)


  • Period of assignment: between 1sth July 2020 until 12th of August
  • Number of working days: 36 working days
  • Location of assignment: Home-based with visits to the MoIA and the CPA project office


  • Payment is based on deliverables and against invoice and signed time sheet.
  • The daily fee for the consultant includes top up card, internet cost, transportation cost and etc.

Submission Guideline:

You are kindly requested to send your CV and letter of motivation with complete contact details to our office through the following email address:


Note: Your application and subject line must contain

“National Consultant for Training Concept Development for FRU trainings” Vacancy Announcement Number), Otherwise your CV ‘s will not be considered.

Please do not send us your working certificates, educational certificates or any other additional documents while you are applying for the post. We will ask you for these documents if you are selected for the next steps of recruitment.

Only those candidates will be invited for written test or interview who meets the qualifications and requirements for the mentioned job vacancy.

For more information about German Cooperation with Afghanistan and GIZ Afghanistan Projects, please visit our websites: and


Submission Email:

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