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About khana-e- Noor Educational Network:

Khana-e-Noor opened its campus doors over a decade ago after private sectors being granted with permission and license of working in educational sections to accommodate the expanding interest in educating children among parents in Kabul. And over the years, interest in the KEN model of education has grown steadily, resulting in campuses being established in both the Kabul and Balkh provinces of Afghanistan. Today, we have more than 6,000 students from around the country attending KEN schools Afghanistan. And with a staff gathered from over 25 provinces around Afghanistan, we are the only leading Educational Network of schools and universities operating in Afghanistan. KEN’s features, a few unique educational elements that truly help to shape your child into a bilingual, multicultural and global minded individual. Our mixed curriculum of Cambridge with the National one along with co-curricular activities are among the highlighted plus points that have gained fame and reliability through the course of its history for KEN. We promote bilingualism by placing expert and experienced teachers for all the 4 languages are practiced in our curriculum. It is our hope that all of our graduates will emerge into positions of leadership throughout the society of the 21st century. Khana-e-Noor Educational Network Afghanistan provides a culturally progressive, comprehensive, and state-of-the-art education program serving students from Pre-school through Grade 12 at the school level and later receive them into a four-year university bachelor programs at the university level. It is committed to educating each student intellectually, aesthetically, physically, and spiritually in a culturally diverse community. Guided by the principles of truth, simplicity, and peaceful resolution of conflict, Khana-e-Noor Educational Network of Afghanistan offers each student a challenging educational environment that develops intellectual abilities and ethical and social values to support a productive life of leadership and service for the community and entire humanity at large.

Job Description:

Teaching classes as per the given curriculum and timetable.
Adhering to the code of conduct of school in respect to Teachers, Students and Community.
Assisting the administration with related activities.
Working in committees of the school as designated by administration.
Working in collaboration with head of departments and respective Headmasters.
Managing all exams.
Management of classroom in respect to the policy of school and teaching methods.
Managing teacher-student-parent relations in respect to the policy of school.

Any other task assigned by direct supervisor or school management

KEN Schools Locations in Kabul City

– ShashDarak Pol-e- Mahmood Khan Kabul,afghanistan (Boys&Girls Campus)

– Arzaan Qimat School#4 Boys Campus

– Dehboore School#2 Boys Campus


Job Requirements:

KEN is currently looking for hiring highly motivated, qualified and experienced teachers for the following Cambridge subjects to begin Hamal 1399)


We are also looking to hire qualified teacher for the following Maarif subjects:

Geography and History
Qurhan Kareem, Deenyat and Arabic

Required Qualifications:

Have been through English medium Schooling
Year of Experience: 1-3 years of Cambridge or Oxford/ Maaref System Teaching
Good communication and writing skills and fluent in speaking in English language
Command on computer i.e. MS Office, and internet
Personal Competencies: Problem Solving and leadership skills.

Submission Guideline:

Send your detailed resume with “Post Applied for, Subject, Vacancy Number in the subject line.

Email to,

You also can submit the hard copy of your application and resume to the Shashdarak branch of Khana-e-Noor Educational Network in Kabul.

Submission Email: ,

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